Pre-School basics

Drop off at Pre-School

Bags, coats, lunchboxes

On arrival, please leave your child’s bags and coats in the corridor outside the Pre-School room. There are pegs for coats and bags, plus pigeon holes for shoes. Lunch boxes should be left on the front table (directly in front of you as you enter the Pre-School room).

Notes for parents

Information for parents is often also placed on the front table, to the left of the lunchbox area. Look out for your child’s name on any notes – the termly newsletter and any notices will be put out for you to pick up here.

Name tree

After dropping off bags, coats and lunch boxes please take your child to the Name Tree (located on the left of the room as you go in). Help your child to find their name and place it on the tree. The Name Tree is used as part of the children’s daily registration and is a fun way to help them learn to recognise their name.

Pick up

Please ensure that you arrive back at Pre-School in good time to pick up your child. The staff have to pack up all the equipment at the close of the day and so your promptness is appreciated.