Settling in


Pre-School will be a new experience for your child – we want them to feel happy and safe and for the transition from home to our Pre-School to be an easy one. Our staff will work closely with you to decide on how best help your child to settle in.

We encourage you to make visits to the setting with your child before he/she starts so that they can become familiar with the surroundings. We also run an Open Day in the summer term so that new children can get comfortable with us.

When your child starts Pre-School, it may seem strange to begin with, and they may feel upset or anxious. Once you have settled them at an activity or with a member or staff, explain that you will leave them and that you will come back later. Your child should soon settle into the routine, but we will always phone you if there are any problems. You are also very welcome to ring us if you feel concerned once you return home.

Your child will be assigned a key worker as soon as they start Pre-School. Your key worker will have special responsibility for your child and will watch out for them and monitor their progress at Pre-School. Your key worker is normally your first point of contact for discussing any issues or worries, but any member of staff will be able to help you if you want to discuss anything about your child.