Our curriculum

We are a group where children will have the opportunity to learn and develop at their own pace, where equal chances are given to all in a safe, stimulating and happy environment with a minimum of three trained staff. We actively encourage parents to become valued members of the group and welcome new ideas and skills that you may bring with you.

We have on sale our own logo printed sweatshirts that we like the children to wear. We encourage all children to have at least one as we can’t guarantee that materials used at Pre-School are stain proof. We offer the children several messy activities per session which we actively encourage them to try.  It is important that they are able to freely explore and develop creative skills.

What children may learn at pre-school

At Pre-School we work to a 6 term ‘various theme curriculum’. This covers the EYFS learning areas. This means we have specific themes for each term to give your child the greatest opportunity to achieve all the skills necessary in later life. The children are encouraged to explore and learn from different materials, bring things of interest from home and to discover things for themselves.