Working with you


Key workers

Every child is assigned a key worker, the list of key workers and their children is up on the kitchen wall. Your child’s key worker is your first point of contact for any queries, particularly if you have any concerns about your child.

Suggestions box

A place for you to put any suggestions – can be anonymous! – for how we can improve our Preschool. We welcome any feedback so please let us know. Alternatively you can email us at

Learning Journals

Your key worker is responsible for keeping a Learning Journal for your child, which records their progress at Pre-School.  The Learning Journal particularly focuses on the developmental markers in the National Curriculum. You can view your child’s learning online through a private account using Tapestry e-journal.

Log in to Tapestry


We have a Facebook group which you can join to get updates and information. Please email us on if you would like to join – the group is private to Pre-School members.

Pre-School committee

The Pre-School Committee meets half termly, and is essential to the running of the Pre-School. Parents are encouraged to become members – have your say and show your support by attending the meetings.