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Pre-school Committee

Wootton & Dry Sandford Pre-School is a voluntary charitable organisation managed by parents with staff support. The parents elect a management committee responsible for the running of the Pre-School. The committee is tasked with activities such as employing the staff, financial planning and fundraising for the Pre-School.

The fees we charge cover staff salaries and daily expenses. Additional equipment, books and educational toys are bought through fundraising activities.

We are a member of the Pre-School Learning Alliance, which gives our staff and committee support and guidance. We have also adopted the latest policies from the PSLA which are available on request from the Pre-School room.

The Pre-School relies on the help and support of its parents to continue. All parents are encouraged to become involved in the work of the committee, we have a high turnover of parents due to the relatively short time children are at the Pre-School, and so rely on new parents becoming involved. Any help you can offer, however small, is highly valued.

You can help out and join the Committee at any time in the school year. The principal committee officers are: Chair, Secretary and Treasurer but there are also other roles to suit any parent who can help out.

Please contact the Chair via the Pre-School email to find out more.

Chair: Kathryn Greig

Treasurer: Alison Berry
Secretary: Angela Goswell
Fundraising: Courtney Reed

Committee: About Us
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