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We received a ‘GOOD’ rating in our latest Ofsted inspection (6 June 2018).
From the report:

Managers lead a dedicated staff team that works hard to improve outcomes for children. All children, including those who speak English as an additional language, make good progress from their starting points.

Children enjoy a broad variety of activities that motivates and interests them. The staff create a stimulating environment, indoors and outdoors, for the children to explore.

Staff establish secure and trusting relationships with children. They get to know their individual personalities well. Children have good levels of well-being and self-esteem.

Staff complete regular observations of children and make accurate assessments of their development. They are mindful of children’s next steps in learning and skilfully weave these into children’s play.

Partnerships with parents are good. Staff keep parents informed about their children’s achievements, and provide information and resources to help parents support children’s learning at home.

Staff spend time getting to know children and their families. Children settle well into the pre-school routine and are curious and confident. This demonstrates that they feel safe and secure. Children’s growing independence is supported well.

The management, committee and staff team work together well to identify further areas to develop so that the pre-school continually improves.

Ofsted: Testimonials
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